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We’re a friendly bunch willing to bend over backwards (quite literally) to make sure you get the absolute most out of your time at Casa del Karma.

Saskia Griffiths

Curator of Casa del Karma

Creator of IbizaBow, Global Bowspring Teacher, Part of the Global Bowspring Certification Committee

Having grown up an extreme sports enthusiast skiing off cliffs, competing in show jumping and throwing her body around in the Pyrenees mountains, Saskia found herself riddled in pain in her 20’s sitting at desks in stressful jobs. Her reality has shattered time and again, starting from scratch in new countries, reinventing herself, changing her career have all added to her resiliency. Her injuries coupled with her bad posture created chronic pains, her bodily pains coupled with the structure of her belief systems crumbling time and again created dis-ease in her mind and her emotions, all challenging a happy and harmonious life.

Her burning desire for freedom, sent Saskia on a decade’s long journey researching, traveling around the globe studying yoga, meditation, body-work, healing arts and transformational tools with masters of our time. Freeing herself from her chronic physical, mental and emotional suffering impulsed Saskia to share liberating tools with those around her. Saskia has hosted dozens of retreats in Morocco, Europe, South East Asia and South America sharing her experience, empowering many to free themselves.

After a year of deep study, work and teaching at the Bowspring’s homebase ‘Vital’ in Denver, CO USA with it’s creators Desi Springer & John Friend in 2016, Saskia traveled to Argentina to introduce the method where it has taken strong root. Saskia continues to refine her knowledge of the method as she shares and supports the Global Bowspring’s expansion behind the scenes. She is part of the Global Bowspring Certification Committee and offers Bowspring courses globally, locally in Ibiza and online.

Saskia loves nothing more than witnessing another being touch their center and feel their power to free themselves.

Pain free living, Casa del Karma & Ibiza have captured her heart.

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Have a Question?

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