Meet Our Team

We’re a friendly bunch willing to bend over backwards (quite literally) to make sure you get the absolute most out of your time at Casa del Karma.

Saskia Griffiths

Curator of Casa del Karma

Creator of IbizaBow, Global Bowspring Teacher, Part of the Global Bowspring Certification Committee

Global citizen and extreme sports enthusiast, Saskia believed from a young age there was a different way of living in tune with mother nature and our deepest essence. Having left International Real Estate with chronic pains from old injuries, Saskia has spent over a decade researching, traveling the world studying healing arts and transformational tools. She has hosted dozens of retreats in Morocco, Europe and South East Asia. After a year of deep study and work at the Bowspring's homebase at Vital in Denver, CO USA in 2016, she traveled to Argentina to introduce the method where it has taken strong root. Saskia continues to refine her knowledge of the method as she shares it and supports the Global Bowspring's expansion behind the scenes. Saskia is excited to share her experiences in pain relief and connection to nature. Bowspring, Casa del Karma & Ibiza have captured her heart.

“I’m driven by my passion of witnessing positive long lasting change. I measure success in pain relief, reconnection to self and empowerment. To me it’s about how many people are empowered and transformed for our evolution towards a conscious collective.”

Look after your posture and discover how much more enjoyable being present in your body is, and how many miracles appear through simple enjoyable presence.

Daan Dragt

Manager of Casa del Karma

Global Bowspring Teacher, Gifted Body-worker, Outstanding piano player

Daan entered planet Earth in the flat and muddy northeastern Dutch countryside. It was during his music studies in Sweden that his fascination with the human body-mind was birthed. Since then he embarked on an ever deepening quest to know, feel, play and understand through yoga, massage, partner acrobatics, somatics and the Bowspring method. He has embraced the Bowspring as his weapon of choice to expand consciousness and build bodies and lives that are light, strong and full of compassion. Daan has a pechant for travel, connection and exploration.

Bodywork: To aid people in their journeys of embodiment, Daan also offers bodywork that's strongly inspired on Dynamic Thai Massage and Fascial Molding with a dash of somatic integration. He has studied with numerous teachers within the Sunshine Network, and has been most strongly moved by the approach Krishnatakis proposes: to create the space where the body can heal itself. A treatment has the 'purpose' to let the body experience itself, best achieved through slow, deep and rhythmic touch. The nervous system will then have a chance to dilate, relax, and let go of deep-seated tension. For a standard treatment it is best to wear loose fitting clothes and no jewelry.

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Have a Question?

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