Welcome to
Casa del Karma

Join us at our transformational Bowspring retreat in Ibiza.


Find Presence With
the Mother Tree

Sunrise & sunset meditations under Ibiza's tallest and wisest tree.


A Chance to
Think. Share. Express.

Casa del Karma has the perfect energy to re-calibrate.


Healthy, Natural
Whole Foods

Fill your body with natural goodness whilst at the retreat.


Treat Your Body
to Bowspring

Daily bowspring classes from some of the world's leading instructors.


Give your body the best chance. Reprogram unconscious movement patterns to create optimal balance, agility and functionality.


Practice returning to the present moment. Whilst here, you’ll develop a habit of presence that you carry with you going forwards.

Hikes in Nature

Explore the beautiful North of the Island hiking through the abundance of nature gifted to the area and enjoy breathtaking views of the island.

Cold Training

Try out scientifically proven cold training to enhance your mind, stimulate the nervous system & increase your presence and self-awareness.

Philosophical Discussion

Learn, expand and celebrate the time you have here to connect with others and explore your values and beliefs.

Organic Whole Foods Diet

Love your body by nurturing and retraining the digestive system to eat natural, whole foods. You’ll leave with clear skin, open eyes, a sharp mind and revitalised body.

casa del karma ibizia bow
The Casa del Karma Retreat

Perfectly blissful

6 luxurious rooms fully equipped with everything you need to have a relaxed and purposeful stay. Parts of the villa are five hundred years old and very traditional. We follow many of these traditions by growing our own vegetables in our own organic garden and keeping chickens.

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What They’re Saying

I could practically feel my body rearranging itself in response to Saskia's teachings and manipulations of my body! The benefits were immediate and so far are lasting, which is a spectacular success!

Martine KeyteUnited Kingdom

The most amazing experience of my life. Bar my son. Saskia you are truly awesome! I cannot put into words how I feel as a result of my 5 days with you. All I can say... is that I love you! Especially for enlightening me in a way I didn't believe possible, yet I achieved it.

Barbara hodgeMallorca

We were so excited but I don't think any of us expected just how perfectly blissful it was going to be. You managed to negotiate the logistics of such a diverse bunch of people coming from all over to this retreat all for very different reasons without missing a beat.

Toni SavageMallorca

I feel very lucky that I got the chance to work with Saskia and I have made improvements in my flexibility that I didn't think were possible. I believe that one of the reasons I can train so hard and remain injury free is down to the regular yoga practice I have been doing with Saskia.

Rob MartinOwner/Head Coach CrossFit Mallorca, 2012 Spanish CrossFit Champion

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Have a Question?

We’re just a message away…